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Creative Spiritual Word-Play and Landscape Viewing

An extract from Fee’s journal

Spiritual Food for the Heart and Mind”

Creative Spiritual Word-Play a K-new way of Feeling, Seeing and Hearing our world

When the student is ready the teacher will arrive they can guide you but you have to take the courage to step out of your Comfort Zone the fort around your Creative OM.
By doing this you have stepped out of your Circle into the Spiral of Growth. (GROW The Heart)

I love the quote “Nature that Public and Universal Manuscript” (Browne)

The spiral is nature’s natural way of growing and so it is with us. The universe sees and knows the bigger picture, we just have to trust our gut feelings because we have the universe backing us Great Universal Trust.

Five beautiful words that will get your Creative Juices going and really FEELING the Bigger Picture.

EVOLVE written backwards is Energy Vibration LOVE
Heart move the H and Heart becomes eartH

Hearth is the center of the home . Our heart is the center of us and just like the fires in our homes need to be re-kindled so does our heart to grow.
Home = Heart om energy.

Hearth = Hear the heart. The words ear, hear, art, can be found in the word Heart so your spiritual message is whilst on earth develop the art of listening to your heart.

LOVE is the key ingredient to Life and EVOLUTION.

Evolution read backwards NO IT U LOVE.”
© 2011 Fee Miller

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