ENERGY-RE-START - "Re-ignite Your Passion for Life and Feel ALIVE"

GROW The Heart
Free Unwanted Negativity
Zap Open New Experiences

Fee’s passion for life is to guide people to tune into the “Bigger Picture” to
Life - the Energetic world.

In her Spiral of Growth SPIRITUAL FUN-ZONE Gatherings and courses she invites you to look at life from a view of Connectedness Unity
rather than from corrected-ness dualism.

She will share and guide you in a fun, colourful, symbolic and light hearted way with her Creative Spiritual Word-Play, Metaphor stories and Landscape viewing.

You will begin to FEEL, SEE & HEAR a DEEPER meaning to your life and the universe.

When you trust your gut feelings and live from your heart you change and when you change the world around you changes” Fee Miller

She encourages you in her Spiral of Growth SPIRITUAL FUN-ZONE gatherings and courses to fully commit yourself to your own Personal and Spiritual practise.

Empowering you to fully awaken to and develop your own Spiritual Personal Philosophy- to be YOU, to act and live from a sense of inner vitality and authenticity rather than from someone else’s philosophy or social conditioning.

The choice is yours. Are you going to open the door out of your Comfort zone and step into your FUN ZONE.

We must make the choices that enable us to fulfil the deepest capacities of our real selves”.
Thomas Merton

Spiral of Growth Spiritual FUN-ZONE 
Gatherings 2014

Listen to Your Heart and Be Led By Your Soul

Saturday March 22nd 2014
Meriden Village Hall 
Meriden Village CV7 7NG

  Registration 10am 
Start 10.30am Finish 4pm

To Book Your Place connect with Fee on 07745 475044 
or email 

These empowering, engaging, creative, fun, holistic, inspiring and experiential
   Spiritual Funzone Gatherings and Courses  invite you to:-

  • Let go of your comfort zone and move into your FUN ZONE
  • Expand Your Horizons
  • Make new friends
  • Feel and See the “Bigger Picture” to Life
  • Share Your Gifts
  • Develop New Skills
  • Engage in the gift of Laughter
  • Enrich Yourself in your Aha – Ha moments
  • Re-discover Your Sacred Space
  • Tune into Your Inner Light and Step Out into Confidence & Really Shine

Give yourself a
of a lifetime- a life
Changing experience by joining Fee and
other like-hearted people
 for a total immersion of Feeling
Great, Having Fun, Lots of Laughter, Lots of
Sharing, Expanding Your HEART & MIND
Connection and Boosting your Well-being.
It’s YOUR time right NOW to

Show up and Share –
The Act of Sharing and Giving Brings Bountiful Rewards.”

Please note there may be a change in the format of the day as Fee always works with the Groups Energy and her Intuitive Skills to allow the day to unfold naturally and spontaneously in the flow for everyone’s highest good.

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