ENERGY-RE-START - "Re-ignite Your Passion for Life and Feel ALIVE"
Laughter Yoga Session

Come and Experience a Fun Filled Joy Explosion!!!

"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a Klaleidscope of new possibilities"
                                            Jean Houston

 "It's time right NOW to Re-ignite your playful Spirit
with the simple act of Laughing."

No yoga ability required.


 What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga combines laughter exercises with deep breathing
(pranayama)- this is the yoga part.

Participants are encouraged to cultivate childlike playfulness, which soon leads to
Real Contagious Laughter.

 It is a truly Holistic experience.
Exercising the whole person all at once!!!
Research has shown 10 minutes of Laughter Yoga is equivalent to 30 minutes on the rowing machine at the Gym!!!

How Amazing is that !!!

The session ends with a  relaxation/guided meditation
along with a Sharing of your experience.

Some of the Benefits you may gain from a Laughter Yoga Session are:

  • Reduction of pain / discomfort
  • Improved Brain Function
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Release of "Feel Good" chemicals (known as endorphins) making you feel more ALIVE and connected with Life
  • Lowering of High Blood Pressure
  • Improvement of  Your Immune System and Circulatory System
  • A rise in Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Image

Who developed Laughter Yoga ?

Dr Madan Kataria
a medical doctor in India developed Laughter Yoga and it has now spread to over 65 countries worldwide.

A virus
well worth Experiencing and Sharing!!!

as people are realising it's
Fantastic Universal Health Benefits.

Dr. Madan Kataria's Vision is for LAUGHTER YOGA
to spread worldwide bringing the gift of World Peace to every corner of the planet.

So why not Come along to a Laughter Yoga session and be part of the Energy of Heartfelt Laughter Rippling
out into the planet and raising the vibration of Joy and Peace in ourselves and our Communities.

"When you laugh you change and when you change the whole world changes around you"
                                                                  Dr Madan Kataria

 By Sharing our Laughter we can Touch Lives Forever!!!

"Peace by Peace we can create a world mosaic held together with the elixir of life our unconditional love carried by the flow of laughter "            
                                                                      Fee Miller

For more info connect with Fee on

Tel: 07745475044         02476 471807

Fee Miller
Energy Well-being Practitioner : Laughter Yoga Leader : Happiness Facilitator : Intutive Writer

Birmingham Vegetarian and Vegan Society

 "Fantastic" - Tony Richards

Birmingham Buddhist Centre Moseley -  Public Session

"Haven't laughed so much for a long time!
I feel relaxed now" - Den Forbes

"Wonderful, Fun and Uplifting Experience! Well Done! What a fab way to spend a Sunday afternoon ! "
:-) Joginder Bola

"Fee's enthusiasm for laughter yoga is infectious. Her gentle approach to all aspects of a session is heart warming.
I am looking forward to attending her Empowering women workshops incorprating Laughter Yoga. Thankyou Fee."
Sharon Hart

"Fee is caring and enthusiastic and really wants to make a difference in other people's lives. Her warmth will envelop you if you're fortunate enough to spend time with her."
Mark Brantingham

St Cloumba Hall Moseley Birmingham Public Session
I feel more relaxed and connected -Janet Tapper

I enjoyed it very much. Relieved , my hearing has opened up!

I feel a sense of Release,Relaxed,Enlightened.
Rita Talbot

My lungs feel lighter and fuller, mind less cluttered.
A great session - Sue Tapper

Moseley Junior School Coventry - years 5 and 6 feed back
Session well run very organised and professional - yet suitable for age group of children.
The children really enjoyed the session!
Especially the Relaxation and Meditation part.
An unusual and enjoyable "work out"
I feel more energised - it's uplifting to see people laughing.
I feel more supple/loser and calmer.
I am inspired to do more yoga style exercise with the children, you feel more connected with the children.
We should definitely do more of this type of spiritual exercise. Children need it!! as do I !

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