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Beth has asked me to write an article for Mosaic. So why am I holding back?
Why haven’t I returned her calls?
She’s emailed me to send my synopsis ASAP. My tummy churns.
I email saying that I will send the synopsis on June 15th  15.13 hours as I haven’t decided what topic I am going to write about.
15.13 is just a random number that pops into my head.
As I am writing this now I add up the numbers of the time and realise they add up to 10.
In numerology 10 in a single digit form reveals the number 1 (10 =1+0 = 1).
Number 1 is the symbol for new beginnings!!! So what is the Universe telling me?
Phew!!! I think that gives me a little more time

Why do I do this to myself? I ask now in hindsight.
   As I continue on with my daily life my energy feels drained I am held in Resistance
(Radiant Energy Stuck In STANCE).
I slip back into my Comfort zone it’s a nice comfy fit – (my FORT around my Creative OM).
Why is this happening to me?
I Empower people in my FUN ZONE work-play-shops to come out of their comfort zones.
I love sharing knowledge and wisdom and having people share theirs.
Ask and you shall be given I hear myself say. And then the “Aha” moment is revealed.
My goal this year is to write a book sharing my knowledge and Creative Spiritual word-play with everyone.
I have detoured from my path into my comfort zone is this article a lesson to stop procrastinating and start showing up in the world and live my Dream.
June 15th has arrived.
My alarm clock rings I turn it off its 6 am and I turn over in bed happy to return to
my comfort zone.
The universe doesn’t let me off that easily
now my mobile phone alarm
is awakening me!!!
Its 6.30 am.
I want to turn over but the number 9 ( 6+3+0)
is calling me.
In numerology number 9 is seen as
a sacred number.
The Mayans believed that numbers are not a measurement of quantity but are a measurement of vibration.
The number 9 is seen as being there
and then it isn’t.
For e.g. 9 + 10 + 23 = 42: 42 = 4 +2 =6
if we cancelled the number 9 out at the beginning of our calculation,
like so 10 + 23 = 33: 33 = 3+3 =6 .
We are still left with the number 6.
So is this the universe telling me if I don’t put the ACTION (ACT- I – ON) in today
I will miss this door of opportunity!!! 
What a reality check!
It’s time for me to tune into Life and come out of my Comfort Zone.
This article can empower me to open my door out of my circle and step out into the light.
The gestation period is over.
The light is opening me up to my Spiral Path my FUN ZONE (Free Unwanted Negativity
Zap Open New Experiences).
I FEEL a Readiness in my HEART its time to express my Self, my Inner Spirit, my Inner Light and Radiate my Luminous Essence.
So I take the 1st step and put my pen to paper fully relaxed and open and the message and symbolism flows as I start to write.
It’s time right NOW to move out of our
Comfort Zone.
Check into life and be a LIFE ENHANCER.
We all have the power to live from our Hearts and EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE,
ENGAGE and ENRICH others.
What we share multiplies.
Our beliefs can hold us back but if we focus our intention on high vibration words, we can change our world.
It only takes a thought.
It’s our choice we can make a difference. WOW what a thought! – Yes what a thought- that the power of the seed is in us all.
It’s Time to Believe in ourselves our Potential our Power.
We are conduits to the world.
The world is a massive sea of energy and we can create whatever we want.
With the switch of our thoughts we can change the course of our vibrations.
It is all written in the universe for everyone to see, feel, hear, sense and... touch.
Just have TRUST.
It’s time right NOW to turn up our vibrational volume and tune into the station that will guide us to empower ourselves and ripple out empowerment to the World and Planet.
Think and Feel “I Believe in myself,
I am a Powerful Spiritual Being
I am part of the Whole.
I accept my Light and Dark.
By Surrendering we start to live more from our HEARTS.
Too GIVE fully from our hearts we have to fully GIVE to ourselves first and as we do we open to the flow of the Cosmic Dance.
(Giving Receiving Awakening Creative Energy). We are all CREATORS so we must be conscious of what thoughts we are putting out into the universe.
Just like a Boomerang what we send out in to the world comes back to us.
We have created it all ourselves.
So we must ask ourselves where are our thoughts residing?

In Scared City? or Sacred City?
Our Emotions are Energy in MOTION they are like a guide stick reminding us to keep our vibrations High.
If we are coming from Fear then we are spending our time in Scared City .
We are holding onto Deep Scar Energy
old wounds/ habits.
So what pace of life, do we want to live?
Do we want to be in a Speedy-PACE?
Living too much in our right side of our brain not feeling grounded
Or do we want to be in a Slow-PACE?
Living too much in our left brain feeling grounded but missing out in the Fun!
Or do we want to adopt the Pace of Nature as she knows Patience and live a Spiral-PACE.
A pace where we can See, Feel and Hear
more views.
Celebrating Diversity and Variety- Living a Colourful Life.
A journey that engages us into the act of Unity, Community and Co- operation.
 Encouraging us to live from our HEARTS discovering our own Personal Philosophy-
To be Brave, Bold and have Courage.
Yes we will still have challenges but
we will be able to move through them
more quickly.
The true state for Energy is FLOW.
FLOW written backwards reads WOLF.
The wolf is a symbolism for
trusting our intuition, being ourselves
and also being able to let go of judgement
and be part of the pack.
We are all individuals yet we are also part of the Whole, part of the Mosaic of Life.
The glue that keeps everything together is LOVE.
To EVOLVE we must learn to experience our lives from the Energy Vibration LOVE.
Cultivating our Laughter vibration will awaken us to our playful spirit
Empowering us to let go of complexity and enjoy the power of Simplicity
and Heart centred living.
When we truly connect to our Heart HUB - Harmony Unity Balance then we are truly connected to our Earth HUB
a feeling of Harmonic Universal Belonging.  (Eart-H-eart)
It's time right NOW to move out of our Circle, out of our Prison
of pacing the same old ground.
It’s only ourselves that hold us back.
As we open our door the light shines in.
We stand on the threshold,
we can see, smell, feel, hear,
touch, taste the air.
It’s time to take that first step,
to be Bold and Brave
and Start our K-new Adventure.
When we work with
our intention and FOCUS
 we are living in the moment
tuning in to the Energy around us.
(Frequency On Capture Universe Signal).
And just like the Earth has its seasons
so does our Heart.
The Earth is having major shifts at the moment preparing us for 2012
and so too will we when we work from our Heart.
2012 is all about Co-operation,
Community and Unity.
So it’s TIME to make Peace with our thoughts and be prepared for a Thoughts Revolution.
It’s an “Inside – Outside job”.
A time to cultivate the power of FAITH from within our inner Spiritual garden.
Living in FAITH (Flowing Abundant Inner Thoughts Harmonized)
allows our thought seeds the space to grow bloom and flower into the physical.
By integrating our male and feminine energies we master the art of becoming energy
FLOW - ERS reminding us we are Spiritual Beings living in an Energy world.
Our Imaginations, Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings along with our energy vibration of LOVE, LAUGHTER and GRACE
are key to our Manifestation and Evolution.
step out of our COMFORT ZONE and walk our Spiral Path our feedback will be our Empowerment Boomerang.
The Big question is are we ready
not only to get on board and ride the wave but are we Brave enough to get inside
and be Part of the Wave
the C21st  Revolution Wave
of K-new Thoughts?
Everyone can make a difference Gandhi said “If we change
then the whole world around us changes”.
So just Imagine if we can make Peace with our inner thoughts then
PEACE BY PEACE we can create
a world Mosaic
held together with the
Elixir of Life
our Unconditional Love”.

What a Transformation
Our World will be !!!
As I am finishing my free flow writing
a thought pops into my head to work out today’s  date and time in numerology   15:06:2011 :  15.13  = 15+6+2+1+1+15+13 = 53 = 5+3= 8.
The number is 8 which symbolises infinity.
The balance of the female and masculine energies in the ever-present
eternal flow of life.
WOW!!! That’s magical!
And so it is with Lots of Sparkling Energy
Full of Gratitude, Love,
Light, and Laughter
I thank Mosaic Magazine and the Universe
to step out of my Comfort Zone,giving me
the opportunity to Share.
And to YOU
for taking time out to read my article.
I hope it spurs you on to take that first step out of your Comfort Zone into your FUN ZONE
and share your gifts and talents.
From my HEART
by Fee Miller
Energy Well-Being Practitioner and Intuitive Writer
Mosaic Magazine 2012
 The extended version

"Spiritual Food for the Heart and Mind "
Creative Spiritual Word-play
A  K-new way of  Feeling, Seeing and Hearing our World.

© 2011 Fee Miller

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