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The Balance Procedure Trainers Day

 newly qualified TBP trainers

with Jenny Cox creator of TBP

Holiday Inn Coventry

26th February 2012


 combines Ancient Philosophy with Modern Quantum Science.

It is a very POWERFUL energy technique that relaxes you first by calming the whole of your your Energy system and then tunes you back into life by assisting you in transforming energy patterns (limiting beliefs )that you no longer need .

TBP involves you working with your HEART energy with INTENTION  by placing your hand and a universal enhancer card on your BALANCE CENTER Heart/Thymus chakra and observing which way you sway.
If you sway forward you are in Balance, if you're staying still or swaying backwards you are out of balance.

It is ideal for our modern day busy lifestyle.
because it's very quick and easy to integrate into our daily life.

There is no need to revisit past experiences; all we need to do is observe "what is alive in us now"
Why?..... because the main principle of TBP is that we create our own reality through thought and imagination, with our emotions being our Guidance.

What's happening in our outside world is a reflection of how we are feeling inside.

When we make TBP part of our daily life .
Life will become easier and easier .
We will feel more empowered and calm.
And we will live more in Harmony Unity and Balance


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